Submission Guidelines

The Wellsian contains two main scholarly avenues of publication: scholarly articles and book reviews related to Wells in some manner. Contributors may also submit shorter, more reflective pieces (up to 3,000 words) for consideration in the Notes, Varia, & Correspondences section.

Articles for Review

The Editor welcomes materials on all aspects of Wells’s life, work, thought, legacies, and influences. Submissions may be received in the form of articles of 6,000-12,000 words in length. All articles must be in word.doc and accompanied by abstracts of 150 words in length. Additional materials include a complete bibliography of any sources used in the article (in addition to the footnote citations). Please avoid revealing your name or identity anywhere in the text of your work, unless you are submitting a book review. Submissions should be sent to the Editor via

Submissions are welcome throughout the year; however, submissions for the current issue must be to the editor by June 1st. Submissions received after June 1st will automatically be reviewed for the next number.

Revisions for accepted submissions are due to the Editor by August 1st.

Peer-Review Process

After an article submission, the Editor reviews the submission before sending it on to two peer reviewers to complete a blind peer review. The reviewers then have 8-10 weeks to evaluate the submission for publication. After the reviewers’ feedback is received, the Editor informs the author of acceptance and any requested revisions. In the event of a divided review, the Editor will have the final say on whether to go forward with the submission. The author then decides whether to make the revisions and, if they decide to go forward, returns their revised draft back to the Editor, who may request additional revisions.

Book Reviews

Every issue of the journal carries a number of book reviews on Wells-related topics. Each book review is 1,000-1,500 words in length. When reviewing a book that Wells is only featured in one chapter, more focus should be put on this chapter when writing the review. Publishers wishing to submit their books for review should send requests to the Editor.

Notes, Varia, and Correspondences

For miscellaneous findings, responses to articles or reviews, or a means of communicating new and exciting finds in the Wells realm. Submissions must follow the guidelines for a full-length article and be less than 3,000 words.

Please refer to these style guidelines for all types of submissions.

The journal is published annually and released in the second half of October – first half of November. Special issues and conference issues will be published accordingly.