The H.G. Wells Society is an association composed of persons interested in Wells’s life and works, who are anxious to encourage a wider interest in his writings and ideas.

The object of the Society is “to promote and encourage universally an active interest in, and appreciation of, the life, work and thought of Herbert George Wells”.

Its specific aims are:

  • To encourage a greater interest in the works of H.G. Wells on the part of publishing, press and broadcasting organisations.
  • To promote a wider knowledge of the ideas and ideals of H.G. Wells and to assist in promoting their understanding and dissemination.
  • To organise lectures, meetings and conferences, to issue publications, and to engage in such other educational work as will assist towards the realisation of the Society’s aims.

All members receive a biannual newsletter and an annual journal, The Wellsian.

The Society has an interest in two major long-established research collections in Britain devoted to H.G. Wells. The collection at Bromley Central Library was founded by our former Chairman, the late A.H. Watkins FLA, and contains material from the Society’s archives among much else. The collection at Senate House Library, University of London, was originally established in collaboration with the Society, and now includes some 160 books donated by the Society in 2012. For further details see: Senate House Library Special Collections page.