The H.G. Wells Society was founded by Dr. John Hammond in 1960. It has an international membership, and aims to promote a widespread interest in the life, work and thought of Herbert George Wells. The society publishes a peer-reviewed annual journal, The Wellsian, and issues a biannual newsletter. It has published a comprehensive bibliography of Wells’s published works, and other publications, including a number of works by Wells which have been out of print for many years.

The Society organises a weekend conference each year where aspects of Wells’s life and work are discussed in a congenial atmosphere.  

Topics discussed in recent years have included:

  • The Short Stories of H.G. Wells
  • Publishing and Publicising Wells
  • Wells’s Literary Friendships
  • The War of the Worlds (The proceedings of this conference appear in Foundation 77)
  • Wells and his Critics
  • Literature at War: H.G. Wells, Ford Madox Ford and Their Contemporaries
  • When the Lights Went Out: H.G. Wells and His World on the Eve of the War
  • Anticipations: H.G. Wells, Science Fiction and Radical Visions

In addition, the Society has organised two major international conferences. The first, under the title, H.G. Wells under Revision, was held in 1986 to mark the 40th anniversary of Wells’s death; the second, The Time Machine: Past, Present and Future was held in 1995 to mark the centenary of the publication of Wells’s first scientific romance.

Society Founder: Dr. John Hammond, President: Professor Patrick Parrinder, Vice-Presidents: Dr. Stephen Baxter, Dr. Sylvia Hardy, Professor David Lodge, Professor Bernard Loing, Christopher Priest, Dr. Michael Sherborne, Professor Dominic Wells, Professor Adam Roberts.

– The Constitution of the H.G. Wells Society –

Society officers:

Chairperson – Emelyne Godfrey
Secretary – Brian Jukes
Treasurer – Eric Jukes
Editor of The Wellsian – Brenda Tyrrell
Editor of the Newsletter Editor – Eric Jukes
Membership, Publications, Distribution & Sales – Brian & Eric Jukes
Webmaster – Charles Keller

****** UPCOMING ******

  • The call for papers for our 13th November 2021 online conference, Stranger Worlds: H. G. Wells, Transgression and the Gothic, has been extended to 1st October. More information may be found here:
  • We recently hosted a Zoom talk by award-winning science fiction author Stephen Baxter, entitled Stephen Baxter: The Wells Paradox. This event will be posted online in the coming weeks.