Foundation 77

The International Review of Science Fiction

Number 77, Autumn 1999

Copies can be obtained by sending a cheque in pounds sterling for £5.95 or in US dollars for $10, made out to the “Science Fiction Foundation”, to Dr Andy Sawyer, Sales Officer, The Science Fiction Foundation Collection, Sydney Jones Library, University of Liverpool, P.O. Box 1233, Liverpool L69 3DA, United Kingdom, . The cost includes postage.


Guest Editorial: Wells and Woking

John Hammond


  • Brian Aldiss: The Referee of The War of the Worlds
  • Patrick Parrinder: How Far Can We Trust the Narrator of The War of the Worlds?
  • John Huntington: My Martians: Wells’s Success
  • Charles E. Gannon: “One Swift, Conclusive Smashing and an End”: Wells, War and the Collapse of Civilisation
  • Sylvia Hardy: H.G. Wells and British Cinema: The War of the Worlds
  • Domna Pastourmatzi: Space Flight and Space Conquest in Hellenic Science Fiction
  • Braulio Tavares: Stories of the Will-Happen: Science Fiction in Brazil


  • Jonathan Benison: Ballard is an sf writer
  • Simon Guerrier: Is Doctor Who sf’s imbecile?
  • Gordon Van Gelder: Dozois and the Best SF
  • Steve Jeffrey: On science, mathematics and bollocks
  • Mark Bould: Westfahl and the novella


  • Colin Greenland: When the Feast is Finished by Brian Aldiss, with Margaret Aldiss
  • L.J. Hurst: The Inheritors by Joseph Conrad and Ford Madox Ford
  • Joseph Nicholas: The Martians by Kim Stanley Robinson
  • Kim Newman: British Science Fiction Cinema edited by I.Q. Hunter
  • Andy Sawyer: The Sterkarm Handshake by Susan Price
  • John Grant: The Rift by Walter Jon Williams
  • David Langford: Architects of Emortality by Brian Stableford
  • Jennifer Swift: Distraction by Bruce Sterling
  • Keith Brooke: Flanders by Patricia Anthony
  • David Langford: Time by Stephen Baxter
  • John Grant: Singer from the Sea by Sheri S. Tepper