Foundation 65

The Review of Science Fiction

Number 65, Autumn 1995



  • Edward James


Wells’s Time Machine

  • John Huntington: The Time Machine and Wells’s Social Trajectory
  • Stephen Derry: The Time Traveller’s Utopian Books and his Reading of the Future
  • W.M.S. Russell: Time Before and After The Time Machine
  • Stephen Baxter: Further Visions: Sequels to The Time Machine
  • Eric S. Rabkin: What Makes We a Science Fiction Classic? What Makes a Classic?
  • Jonathan Clements: Flesh and Metal: Marriage and Female Emancipation in the Science Fiction of Wei Yahua
  • R.J. Ellis: “Are you a fucking mutant?”: Total Recall‘s Fantastic Hesitations


  • Stephen R.L. Clark: Squirrels and alien life
  • John D. Rickett: On Russell and Westfahl
  • John D. Rickett: … and Kenneth Bailey
  • Alan Myers: Commemorating Westall
  • Matthew Spencer: Sf and the BBC
  • Marcus L. Rowland: Defending Gerry Anderson


  • Stephen Baxter: HG by Michael Foot and Shadows of the Future by Patrick Parrinder
  • Jack Cohen: The Time Ships by Stephen Baxter
  • Gwyneth Jones: Alien Influences by Kristine Kathryn Rusch
  • Kim Newman: Idlewild by Mark Lawson
  • Paul Marrow: Olaf Stapledon by Robert Crossley
  • David Seed: La Science-Fiction Francaise au XXe Siecle by Jean-Marie Gouanvic
  • Neal Tringham: Necroville by Ian McDonald